Trackpad settings

System Preferences -> Trackpad:

  • Secondary click: click in bottom right corner
  • Enable Tap to Click
  • Disable Scroll Direction: Natural

Keyboard settings

System Preferences -> Keyboard:

  • Maximum Key Repeat
  • Maximum Delay Until Repeat
  • Enable Use F1, F2, etc as standard

CapsLock to switch languages

After High Sierra:

  • System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources:
    • Enable Use the CapsLock key to switch

Before High Sierra:

Reference: stackoverflow

  1. Install Karabiner-elements:
  2. Remap CapsLock to f19
  3. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Key modifiers: disable CapsLock
  4. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Input Sources: press CapsLock to change languages



Host dev # alias name
    HostName <full host name>
    User <user name>


git clone
ln -s configs/.vimrc ~/.vimrc


if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    source ~/.bashrc

To avoid confusion, consolidate everything in .bashrc.


export CLICOLOR=1 # enable colored `ls`

Install brew


Install mosh

brew install mosh

Install powerline


pip install --user git+git://

# find installed path
pip show powerline-status

# it will be something like
# /Users/${USER}/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages
# pip installation is missing scripts so we need to copy them manually

git clone
cp -r powerline/powerline/ $POWERLINE_PATH/powerline
cp -r powerline/scripts/ $POWERLINE_PATH/scripts

# create directory with configs
mkdir -p ~/.config/powerline
cp -r ./powerline/powerline/config_files/ .config/powerline/

Enable powerline for bash by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc:

source $POWERLINE_PATH/powerline/bindings/bash/

Customize powerline config. In .config/powerline/config.json switch to default_leftonly theme. Then in .config/powerline/themes/shell/default_leftonly.json add time field:

  "function": "",
  "args": {
    "istime": true,
    "format": "%X"

Finally, install special symbols as fallback font. Reference:

Install jekyll and dependencies

gem install bundler jekyll redcarpet pygments.rb